Rochester Piano
Services on-premise (at the piano's location) include, but are not limited to:

      Standard tuning service
      Specialized historical temperament tuning
      Pitch raising/lowering

-Pinblock reconditioning
-Hammer shaping/reconditioning
-Action regulation and lubrication
-Squeak, noise elimination
-Key leveling and correction of sluggish or sticking keys
-Pedal and damper adjustments and repairs
-Soundboard cleaning
-Environmental monitoring (temp and relative humidity)
-Humidity control systems installation
-Disklavier player systems maintenance and upgrades
On-Site Services
Off-Site Services
Rochester Piano Service partners with supply houses and specialty shops to provide comprehensive repair and renovation service that is seamless to customers.  This includes:

-Piano moving (to and from shop locations)
-Action rebuilding
-Touchweight analysis
-Dissolving of old lubricants with pressurized solvents
-Keytop and key bushing replacement
-Hammer replacement
-Pinblock replacement
-Soundboard repair
-Cabinet refinishing