"Fred Hamaker is a first rate piano techinician.  I have used his services over the past three years and I have always been impressed with his flexibility, attention to detail and sense of pride he has for his trade.  He is an expert and you will not be disappointed."

Malcolm Merriweather
Director of Music, Asbury First UMC
Artistic Director, Rochester Boys Choir

I was delighted with the service I received when I engaged Fred to help me assess a Yamaha DC6 MkIII grand piano for sale in Rochester, New York. I live in Richmond, Virginia and needed a reliable Technician to evaluate the pianoís sophisticated player system, and also its touch, tone, and extent of wear.  I got Fredís name from the Piano Technicians Guild, and understood he was an authority on Yamahas. 

Fred was very communicative, and explained everything to me in advance.  He came prepared with a factory-recommended procedure, he did a very complete assessment of the piano and promptly put forth a detailed, understandable report. Fred is a true professional. His careful, thoughtful approach inspires confidence. I highly recommend Fred for those in need of a complete assessment of a piano.

Philippe Girerd,
Richmond, Virginia

Fred was a pleasure to work with at my previous church position.  I found him to be knowledgeable and proactive in his work ethic.  When I brought to his attention a deficiency I was experiencing with the church's Mason and Hamlin piano, he correctly identified an inconsistency of string material in the bass register.  He proceeded to research string usage in the old Mason and Hamlins and presented me with a variety of options for restoration, setting both short-term and long-term goals for the maintenance of the instrument.  I would highly recommend Fred's work to others.

Justin Wallace, Organist/Composer (MM Organ Performance, Eastman School of Music), former Director of Music Ministries, Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church

I am delighted to recommend the work of Fred Hamaker. As a music teacher in a rural high school, it was difficult to procure the services of a piano technician with the skills and the flexibility to accommodate both the technical and scheduling demands of servicing the schoolís instruments. In every way, Fred has exceeded expectations. The knowledge, competence, and dedication so evident in his work on the pianos at school led me to ask him to assess my home piano, as well. He provided a detailed and accurate evaluation of its condition, offered several options of the job to be done, and honestly estimated the cost. He dependably communicated with me through every step of the careful process and now I could not be more pleased with the results of the project. Fredís consistent professionalism and attention to detail resulted in an instrument that I once again love to play. The improvement in how it sounds, how it plays, and how it feels is remarkable.
Adam Potter
Director of Vocal Music, Dansville Senior High School

Fred Hamaker has been tuning pianos for the Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus concerts for about 3 years with pianos ranging from old uprights to wonderful grand pianos and venues ranging from restaurants to churches.  He always responds in a timely manner to our requests and is able to cope with a variety of challenges.  He is dedicated to his work and the principle of customer satisfaction. I appreciate especially that I can count on him - always a plus at concert run-up time!  Thanks, Fred!

Cheryl Utter
GVOC Business Director

Dear Fred, 
I am happy to acknowledge the great  results you accomplished in bringing my Steinway piano from the "clunker" condition to "the good as new " Steinway piano which my family now enjoys.  Your ability to diagnose the many problems that confronted you in regard to this job and the solution you developed was  a wonderful display of professional knowledge and skill. 

Aside from that your attitude of customer satisfaction, fairness and ethical approach to our relationship was, and is, a pleasant experience for me.  I would, and have, recommended you to members of my family who have agreed with me that our experience in working with you was pleasant and rewarding, And the finished product is excellent.  You are a gem.


Sid Salzman
Rochester, NY

Fred helped arrange the donation of a piano to our in-patient psychiatric unit here at St. Mary s. Fred was doing pro-bono work to tune our very old piano one Christmas. He saw the need and approached a local church who was wanting to sell or donate a used but still adequate piano. Fred served as a go-between and got all parties to agree on delivery date, time, price etc. And we received a beautiful instrument that holds a tune and brings much joy to folks who need an uplift in spirit. Fred was extremely generous with his time, did an excellent job of diagnosing and tuning our piano and even got creative with ways to keep our old piano going a bit longer, until we received a new one. Fred is an honest, skilled and hardworking craftsman, who I would highly recommend to anyone.

Suzanne Shady, Chaplain
Unity Health System,
St. Mary s Campus

Fred has given us excellent service on our new piano. He has made some minor repairs and spent a good deal of time getting it tuned properly. He researched and solved a soft-pedal problem we were having, replacing and improvising parts. We are very pleased with his knowledgeable service and warm personality. We will definitely
be using him for future service/tuning on our piano.

Mike and Phyllis Dewhirst
Rochester, NY

My Yamaha piano was purchased in the late 60s.  It is a wonderful instrument constructed in Japan, assembled in LA.  The piano was moved to Rochester over a decade ago. After decades of use, it required more than a tune up to bring it back to its excellent standard.  My professional musician friends (among them Rose Grace  http://camp.interlochen.org/person/dr-rose-shlyam-grace ) were impressed with the quality of the work done by Fred.  They were especially impressed with the quality after I told them the timeframe and cost of the work done.

I am very highly confident to recommend Fred Hamaker for any  type of work on any piano. They will receive excellent quality from tuning to repairs, at an extremely fair price.

Lj Bernhardt Liebson
Rochester, NY


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you did to repair our piano.  When I realized we had several broken dampers, I was in fear of the cost of repairs.  We considered not repairing the piano at all.  But your willingness to work on a solution (we replaced parts that were clearly broken, some that were marginal, and then bought extras in case more breakage occurs, but we didn t replace them all because of my interest in not sinking more money into the piano at the time) saved our piano and my wallet!   The reasonable cost for all the repairs was a most pleasant surprise. 

My whole family looks forward to your semi-annual visits to our home.  I have given your name to a few friends and look forward to spreading the word about your great work to anyone who asks for a fine piano tuner.

All the best,

Cindy Smiegal
Clinton, NY

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